Tired of reading? Just listen! Listen2Mail is your clever tool for reading out emails. Includes automatic mode, filter functions, language recognition function and audio file manager.





Listen2Mail is the easy and convenient solution for having your emails read out to you in 21 languages with 32 voices on your iPhone or iPad from iOS 4.2.


At the press of a button or automatically – the choice is yours! When set to automatic mode, you don’t need to touch your device or look at the display. That is why you can legally use Listen2Mail even when driving your car! With a number of individual settings, you can adapt Listen2Mail to your personal requirements and preferences and set up filters if you only want to hear certain messages. The generated audio files can be managed conveniently. Its intuitive functions make it extremely user-friendly.


Your emails will be read directly in Listen2Mail, irrespective of your email application.

Listen2Mail functions:

Hands-free device:

Listen2Mail: Your hands-free device for emails (Use is only allowed in the automatic mode)
You travel by car a lot and would like to or have to stay up to date on what's happening in your email inbox?
You want to and have to avoid taking your eyes off the road while driving to read a newly arrived email?
You don't want to break the law and risk a fine and points on your license?

Reading aid:

Listen2Mail: Comfortable listening instead of cumbersome reading
Are you finding it a lot more relaxing to have emails read rather than having to tediously decipher them on a small screen? Do you dislike reflective displays or reading glasses?

Save time:

Listen2Mail: Work through your inbox effortlessly
Are you dreaming of handling your email correspondence efficiently whilst doing something else on the side without having to constantly look at your display?



Enter your email account and have emails read right away.


Now you can even listen to your emails while driving your car. Therefore please choose the automatic mode of Listen2Mail! Keep your eyes on the road and reach your destination safely without missing any important emails.
Perfect for everyone who needs to be up to date on what's happening in their email inbox at any time. In particular, for people who spend a lot of time in their cars or are part of a field-based service team. A must-have for users working in sales, in the forwarding industry or field service engineers.
Listen2Mail does not access your mobile device's email addresses or contacts. No data is saved or passed on to third parties.


Versatile uses even in the leisure sector (while cycling, running, playing golf, …) or at home (e.g. while cooking).


Clever filter settings allow you to have only specific emails read.


Excellent voice output quality.
Pleasant male and female voices with extraordinarily natural pronunciation.
Listen2Mail includes 32 voices for 21 languages (20 female and 12 male speakers): Danish, German, English (UK + US), Finnish, French (France + Canada), Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil + Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Spanish (Spain + Mexico), Czech, Turkish and Hungarian.

The pleasant voice and natural intonation give the remarkably realistic impression that you're listening to a human speaker. It should come as no surprise: the voices are based on recordings of trained speakers. And you can hear that!


Although you select your preferred email language, an intelligent background function recognizes if an email in another language than the one selected arrives in your inbox. The correct language is then set automatically.


Sophisticated reading options:

  • Pause function
  • Repeat function (read again from beginning)
  • Skip current email
  • Skip all newly received emails

Individual settings:

  • Specify the maximum number of words (between 50 and 1,000) to be read
  • Define the maximum memory size for storing the audio files (10 MB - 1 GB)
  • Set up the email retrieval interval individually as required (several options ranging from every minute to every hour)
  • The Auto-Lock for the mobile device can be deactivated directly in the application.


The application supports a variety of output devices including headsets, speakers and hands-free kits in cars. Can also be used for multiple email accounts. Compatible with all email providers who support the IMAP protocol.


Pre-defined settings for email providers MobileMe, Googlemail, Yahoo!, AOL and T-Online. Simply enter your email address and email password.


Fully supported for iPhone and iPad from iOS 4.2.

Overview of Listen2Mail:

Product Listen2Mail
Audio languages Danish, German, English (UK + US), Finnish, French (France + Canada), Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil + Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Spanish (Spain + Mexico), Czech, Turkish and Hungarian.
Voices Male and female
Voice output for emails Online
Supported email providers e.g. MobileMe, GoogleMail, Yahoo!, AOL, T-Online and all providers that support the IMAP protocol
Start reading Automatically or manually
Reading functions Pause reading of the current email;
Continue reading the current email;
Repeat reading of the current email;
Skip reading of the current email;
Skip reading of the newly retrieved emails
Automatic language recognition Yes
Set up multiple email accounts Yes
Define reading length Yes (50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1,000 words)
Define maximum memory size for storing the audio files Yes (10, 100, 200, 500 MB or 1 GB)
Reading filter function Yes - Several filters can be set up, managed and individually adjusted
Archive audio files Yes
Audio file options Make files available offline
Playback and pause function
Fast-forwarding and rewinding
Sort sequence by date or name
Supported gestures Tapping; tapping with 2 fingers; wiping; shaking
Supported devices iPhone, iPad from iOS 4.2
Price 3,59 €
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